Fiona Lee Wing-shan

Fiona Lee Wing-shan (Hong Kong) was born in Hong Kong. Lee obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Critical Intermedia Laboratory from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her works of art are derived from the intersection between installation and performance. Listening creates an important connection between Lee and the world; this is when she feels the movement of every single moment. Lee's installations and improvisational performances with various artists have been featured in a number of art festivals, including Ryogoku Cinema Tendon 2017 (Tokyo), ifva Carnival 2016 (Hong Kong), Around Sound Art Festival 2014 (Kyoto), Transi(en)t Manila Project Glocal 2014 (Manila) and The 12th Seoul International New Media Festival (Seoul). Her sound and light performance “delight” has been hosted internationally in Taiwan, Korea, Macau and Hong Kong. She was invited to perform by the Asian Meeting Festival 2016 in Japan, and she also takes part in improvisations with a variety of musicians & sound artists. Lee’s self-published album "walking in a daze" (2016) collected sound works she created.
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