Akinori Yamasaki

Akinori Yamasaki (Japan) is a guitarist and composer based in Kyotango, Japan. Yamasaki worked as an assistant to the sound artist Akio Suzuki from 2001 to 2003 and, in 2005, released his first album ‘Red Field’ with support from the British music magazine ‘Wire’. The album received good reviews from critics including David Toop, a leading critic and musician of the UK experimental music scene. Yamasaki currently performs his solo music live, as well as performing and compositing for the Kyoto based theatrical company ‘Karasuma Stroke Rock’. Besides his musical work he is actively involved in various other artistic fields of collaboration, such as contemporary dance, theater performance, and visual art exhibitions. In 2014, Yamasaki released his second album ‘Etude of the Sea’, and is currently recording his third.
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