Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki (Japan) is the legendary Japanese sound artist who has continued to perform, building instruments and exhibit sound installations for almost 40 years. Suzuki’s journey as an artist began in 1963 with a performance at Nagoya station in which he threw a bucket full of junk down a flight of stairs. In 1988, he set up the "Hinatabokko no kukan (Space in the Sun)" for listening to the sounds of nature over the course of a day in Kyotango, a place located exactly on the meridian line. Suzuki's performances and installations have been presented by numerous festivals and museums in several continents such as Docmenta14 (Athens, 2017), The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (2007), British Museum (London, 2002), Donaueschingen Festival (Donaueschingen, 1998), Docmenta8 (Kassel, 1987), Festival d' Automne (Paris, 1978) and many others.
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