Reina Kimura

Reina Kimura (Japan) was born in Aomori, Japan. She started to study ballet and modern dance at the age of four and is now a dancer and choreographer who is currently based in both Tokyo and Kobe. She is interested in the influences that the environment and language has upon the body, and has carried out her research and work in a variety of different places. Reina participated for an extended period in Sioned Haws’s project starting in 2008, during which time she performed in Japan, Asia and Europe as dancer and co-choreographer. Reina also took part in the choreography course ‘DANCE KOKUNAI RYUGAKU’ in Kobe as a scholarship student and then she started her choreographer carrier. Reina was a finalist at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2014EX and at the 2014 Toyota Choreography Award. She participated artist in residence program at Kinosaki International Art Center in 2014 and ART CAMP TANGO in 2016. In her current work she considers the difference between choreographing her own body and choreographing those of others.
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