Tomohiko Ogawa

Tomohiko Ogawa (Japan) was born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in 1971, and currently lives and works in Kyoto. As a visual artist Ogawa’s focus is upon landscape and he also organizes various workshops as a way to explore various ways of looking at landscape through creating art. In recent years Ogawa became interested in traditional Japanese wooden boats known as ‘Wasen’, which require different methods and materials for their construction depending upon the region where they are made. This variation is a source of fascination for Ogawa, who started to study the construction methods with local with skilled local boat builders. Ogawa has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and his solo exhibitions include: ‘Free study for landscape’ (Studio J, Osaka, 2014), ‘Full of emptiness’(Muury, Helksinki, 2002), ‘TEMPORARY #51’(TEMPORARY SPACE, Sapporo, 1999). Group exhibitions include: ‘Art Obulist 2016: Hurry! Slowly!’ (Obu, 2016), Botão Exhibition vol.5 ‘MOUNTAIN LINE / RYOSEN’ with Alec Finlay (Botão gallery, Nagoya, 2016), ‘Kei Fu Shu Jo - Well practiced hands’ (Kyoto Art center, 2013) and ‘Silent Shadows’ (residency at Laboratoire Village Nomade, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland, 2008 ).
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